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Venice Vapor Lab was established on August 1, 2013 by two local vapers who sought out to provide the community with a unique vapor bar and lounge after recognizing the lack of nearby vapor shops. Much time, thought, and energy was poured into giving our retail space a complete face lift: exposing the wood beam ceilings, removing the weathered linoleum flooring to expose the concrete floors, and sand blasting the painted brick to reveal the beautiful “bones” of the structure.


As soon as the remodeling of the space to uncover the industrial feel was completed, the founders, with the help of close friends and family, set out to create the speak-easy ambiance of the shop. The focal point of the shop is a custom built, one-off shelving unit constructed out of black metal plumbing pipes and wood that was torched, sanded, and covered with a coat of wax. This work of art was designed and built by a close friend and local Venice artisan craftsman, Nick Bailey.


The shelving unit led to the inspiration for the design of the lights, which were pieced together and mounted by the Venice Vapor Lab team.


The wood bar was treated and finished in the same manner as the shelving unit, with the same black metal plumbing pipes utilized for the footrest. A custom copper bar top was commissioned and installed in the bar-top to highlight the reddish tones revealed in the wood through the torching, sanding, and wax coating.


The labor of love carried out by the team at Venice Vapor Lab will continue to be a work in progress until our vision has been realized. It is our goal to establish a warm, comfortable, and inviting environment that will serve as the vehicle through which we will achieve our mission. Our space at Venice Vapor Lab was primarily created for the local community and all visitors in general to be their “go-to” retailer of electronic cigarettes and all related goods, but also as a launching point of inspiration and creativity. We really hope you enjoy our space, feel satisfied with our selection of products, feel confident and comfortable with your electronic cigarette equipment through our guidance, have the desire to return and the urge to recommend our business to others.


The mission of Venice Vapor Lab is to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes and to provide people with an alternative option to satisfy their cravings for nicotine. It is our belief that we can and will significantly impact the lives of smokers and former smokers in a positive manner by providing the tools to keep them from returning to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Our goal is to provide each and every customer with excellent service and expert guidance and support for all their vaporizing needs. We aspire to carry a wide selection of products and accessories that have met our stringent standards, are durable, dependable, and easy to use. Our goal is to stock our e-juice inventory with a wide variety of flavors from top-quality, premium e-juice vendors to satisfy the taste of each and every vaper that visits our store. The end goal of our mission is to support charitable foundations promoting lung health, anti-smoking, and healthy living with a portion of all proceeds earned by Venice Vapor Lab.


The design and décor of Venice Vapor Lab was inspired by vintage chemistry labs and prohibition-era “speakeasies” in the hopes of creating a warm, comfortable, and inviting environment for all vapers, local residents, and visitors alike. Our goal is to establish a community lounge that will make each and every person who walks through the doors feel at ease and ready to enjoy our wide selection of premium e-juices and all related products. Being local residents ourselves, we also want to support and promote local artists by displaying their art, transforming our space into an art gallery. Additionally, we at Venice Vapor Lab will be hosting social gatherings so the members of our community can come together, listen to great music, enjoy the creations of local artists, get inspired, let loose and enjoy life together. All of this will be influenced by our mission to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking regular cigarettes, the promotion of electronic cigarettes as a healthy alternative, and to support various foundations promoting lung health and anti-smoking campaigns.

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