This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an adictive chemical.

BDM Drip Tip Set

Venice Vapor Lab

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The beautifully designed, precision engineered, and quality handcrafted drip tips by Buckauer Dampf Manufaktur are truly special! The BDM drip tips were developed considering the ergonomic and functional aspects of the drip tip, while also offering unique designs and variations to suit your individual style. The modular system (drip tip) consists of a handcrafted piece of jewelry made of pure silver, gold, or an exotic piece of leather (“barrel”) and precisely turned V4A steel parts. The structure of the drip tip itself consists of a 510 fitted base that holds the custom “barrel” and an interchangeable mouthpiece that comes in several variations. The different mouthpieces and “barrels” can be mixed and matched to suit your individual style or to match up perfectly with each one of your devices. These limited edition drip tips are highly collectible and once you have one complete trip tip, you can continue adding to your BDM collection with as many barrels and various mouthpieces as it suits your style and/or mod collection.

Consists of 1 base and 3 mouthpieces (straight, curved, and trumpet)

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